Thursday, November 24, 2011

Censorship Update -OR- Bad News For Obama

Received an email status update on the Internet Bill.

"The Internet Censorship Bill took a massive beating last week (yeah, you did that!) but drug companies, movie studios and the Chamber of Commerce do *not* go down easy.

Now-- get this-- they're telling Congress it's a "jobs" bill.

This is dangerous. Everyone in Congress is desperate to do something to create jobs. Now the most powerful lobbies in Washington are banging down their doors, saying "this is your (only) chance to pass a jobs bill.""...

FightForTheFuture is fighting the good fight. It's not on the radar for most of us. Bigger fish, wolves at the door, more pressing concerns and all that...

Make no mistake though, the rat-fuckers who've looted, pillaged, plundered, transferred, sacked, buggered, contaminated, usurped, merged, acquired, dissolved, dismantled, despoiled, destroyed, claimed, stolen, purloined, absconded with, switched, shifted and shafted for fun and profit aren't finished. They don't have it all yet. When they're honest with themselves they KNOW their VIP ride will come to an end. They're delusional enough to think that when that day comes, they'll be sitting pretty on their diverse tax-sheltered nest eggs behind their Trusts and incorporated compounds. They've envisioned their "escape".

They think this because, as they've continually shown, they have no grasp of human history. They feel they're smarter than the carpetbaggers, bounders, flim-flammers, snake-oil salesmen, opportunists, conqueror worms, profligate frauds, et al who've plagued humankind throughout recorded history. They'll get away with it this time, because through their pure pluck and ingenuity, THEY did it all nice and legal. They got the courts to rule that their payoffs weren't bribes. Their graft and corruption was according to Hoyle...

So sad; too bad for YOU. Winning! Duh!

And of course, President Obama's seeming inability to effect change is proof of the superiority of their scam. Every roadblock and distraction tossed in the way is enabling the escape plan. The pig stupid fools who've acted as their human shields and shills will stand by them when a reckoning comes.

This "failure" to stem the tide, correct the mistakes, preserve the foundation, hold the line and otherwise deal with our parasitic infestations is yet another example of liberal weakness.


Some have already plotted their course thinking that disavowing the continued campaign will somehow preserve what they amassed while shilling for it. Yes, I'm looking at you Andrew Sullivan, David Frum and the rest of those who've suddenly epiphanized that "those" people have turned into crazy bastards, but just can't admit that they always were WRONG for America.

Better Days...

So what I am thankful for today is the certain knowledge that this too shall pass and payback is a motherfucker!

Hang tough. When the smoke clears we'll still have history on our side.

When we go progressive, we get unprecedented progress. Each and every time. It may not last, we'll fall into complacency again, but the end is not today. It doesn't belong to them. It's our children's, children's, children's, children's, children's, children's, children's, children's, children's, children's, children's, children's, children's...


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