Thursday, July 28, 2011

All Show; No Go -OR- It's A Money Trick

You say you're unhappy?
You blame it on me?
I can't make you happy,
You won't listen to me.

I can't have a singularly unique perspective on current events. I wonder how many people have completed the cycle and now reside in the realm of "Who Gives A Shit Anyway?" Fuck -it-! Burn it down, shut it down, fight over it, destroy it, break it some more, pray to/for it, sing to it, beat it like a rented mule, alter it, amend it, paint it green... it hardly matters anymore and I just don't really give a shit what you do with it. Odds are high that you're gonna fuck it up anyway.

I've reached a point of amused detachment, mainly, because the -it- on display isn't. People everywhere are retrenching, regrouping, re-thinking and adapting to the velocity of life. They know their head's in the noose, but you just can't worry about things, that despite your best efforts, remain out of your control or influence. We've spent our lives adapting to and meeting demands. We're better at that than just about anything else. What's one more?

When the smoke clears we'll pick up, adapt and move on. Others, sadly, are in for a very rude awakening and hard times. Lucky for them, we're not as vengeful as we deserve to be.

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amber ladeira said...

Yeah, neighbor, I'm worried too.
Best Wishes.