Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shitty Reason For A Three Day Weekend. -OR- Remembering Josh

I don't think Big Mike is related to me anymore. He's my ex-brother-in-law's brother, so I don't get to see him at family functions. He left Chicago a few years back dragging his pragmatic L-I-B-U-R-A-L ideology, his Cubs fixation and his not inconsequential talent and wit to the hinterlands. After a mercifully brief staycation in Kentucky, he escaped and wound up in a tiny speck of blue of the Hoosier State.

"Big Mike: War Is Heaven" is his latest foray into things that make him think something may not be as it should here in LOTF&THOTB. As such, it's an interesting observation piece.

I took some grief for flying my Peace Flag on Memorial Day. Some thought it was disrespectful to those who gave their all to defend our nation. I didn't try to explain myself. I took the grief. I soldiered on.

It's been 42 months since the last time I saw Josh alive. He's another sort of relative; my best friend's son who called me Uncle. That's when he told me he was deploying to Afghanistan in August. That he was eager to serve. That he'd email me when he got settled in. That no, he didn't need anything. That he'd be back in time for Christmas 2009.

Since September 17th, 2008, Memorial Day is his day and I fly my Peace Flag. Deal with it.

If only...


amber ladeira said...

Right ON, Watcher!

Plenty current AND former
military minds undersand and agree with you, so dismiss the dummies. The KISS Theory is the ONLY approach which can (then again, maybe not even THEN....) penetrate such closed, narrow and dull (--doh!) "minds".

Best, A.

amber ladeira said...

A typo--Aaargh! Understand, not undersand, but then, aren't we ALL under sand, since clarity doesn't prevail?

matt jacob said...

am glad you flew your flag and also glad you publicized mike's blog. needed to be said.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Beautiful post, and thanks for the link to Big Mike. That fucker knows what he's talking about.

Cletis L. Stump said...

I like this post. Seen too much of this in my time. "...lost Davy in the Korean War/Can't quite remember what for..." John Prine