Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dreams Of A Straight Up World -OR- Isn't It Really Interdependence Day?

All of you independent rugged individualists out there take note... Unless you're subletting Ted Kozinski's cabin, eating roots, berries and game, you're a delusional poser. Your "freedom" is underwritten by someone else's lack thereof. Your convenience is aided and abetted by opportunities presented by common needs. Your extravagance is fostered through a psychologically driven exceptionalism. That guy you flipped off during your morning commute is your dependent and you are his. Now, there may be no joy in that, but who the fuck do you think you are?

There's no fun-for-all in our dysfunctional free-for-some approach anymore. You work hard for the money? Really? Seriously? Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude?

I don't mean to devalue your worth, I'm just trying to understand how and why you're so willing to raise your value by devaluing everyone else. Where's the long-term upside for THIS society from such an ignorant decoupling from reality?

What are the points? As in breaking point? Tipping point? The point at which a critical mass sees no point to much of anything? The finger you point from your attempt at detachment that frees you from responsibility for your part in the debacle?

As you gather with your posse this holiday weekend to proclaim your independence, among a sea of folks proclaiming their own, whether you're firing up a infra-red state of the art backyard cooking center in your personal compound or making use of space in a public park, try committing yourself to the interdependent ideal that America and Americans USED to take pride in. This is still a land of plenty but it's lost sight of too many of the things that made it great. It's allowed its principles to be hijacked by self-serving parasites who've pissed on the dream and lionized their place in a history that isn't theirs.


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amber ladeira said...

Watcher, Author Steve Covey believes
interdependence is the highest
form of human (social) activity. The
way he posits it, I think I can agree.

Hope you and yours had a pleasant
holiday in spite of the various and
sundry stupidities; the local fireworks truly were spectacular.

Best, A.