Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reflection Of The Way Life Used To Be -OR- Snu?

How does Camping's Rapture scam exceed or even come close to the myriad daily fleecings that transact each second of each day of our existence?

Does his date specific failure make him any worse than the ongoing industries that
prey on human afflictions, biases, guilt, elitism or vanity? How so?

Divide and conquer is so passe'. If I thought it would do much good, I would cite
the idiotic, obscene and oh so vain pursuits, beliefs and idolatry that consume our precious time, money and resources.

You might think that the transparent lunacy of Camping's gambit might wake people up to where their attentions are focused. Instead, we get an isolated public pillorying of one man's deeply-held and shared madness.

Once again, dear friends;
You say you're unhappy?
You blame it on me?
I can't make you happy
You don't listen to me.


amber ladeira said...

Dear Watcher,

Thanks for your post and your
comment on mine. Glad to see you
writing again!

This Camping fellow (He did follow
the implication of his name, producing high camp for those with
gallows-humor susceptibility)
Bible does not render a date for the world's end. In one place it
says even Jesus doesn't know the day or the hour. So if this book is
Camping's source, he should go back
to grade school; his retention and
absorption skill set need work.
Then a trip to a psychiatrist for
an ego exam of he who would be God.

Such madness runs rampant;
life is damned hard, however you slice it, so denial descends into madness. It takes guts to face the crapshoot also called Life. Even the strongest have vulnerable dark nights of the soul.

What about those who listen to this
claptrap? Gullible, lazy brains at best, mental/judgmental deficit at worst. I feel some sympathy for those whose decisions/actions based on Camping's "revelations" are irreversible.

Perhaps public pillorying is too good for the man.

Meanwhile, REAL problems await
our best solutions.

Best Wishes, A.

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Fucke, man. I remember "snuh" from Usenet.