Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just a Quick Anecdote

I've been working on changing my chi. That often involves biting my tongue instead of speaking my mind.

Yesterday, I was at a local shopping area. There was a sidewalk "craft" sale going on. Well, it was very early and most of the vendors were just arriving and setting up. While my wife ducked into Kohl's to replace her recently broken sunglasses, I walked along the pop-up tents to see what was being offered. Most of the vendors were busy arraying their wares. As I walked by a beadwork jewelry tent, a woman shouted "Mother's Day is tomorrow. Buy your Mom something pretty!" I took a few more steps, then heard the same voice say, "What? You don't LOVE your Mother?!?!"

My old chi won out. I turned and said, "Of course I do, but I would have to dig her up to give her the present and that just seems rude."

So if that woman happens to read this, I'm really sorry if I started your big sale day off poorly. I do hope you rethought your sales pitch before any significant foot traffic showed up.

And Mom? You know I'd love nothing more than to shower you with attention today.

I still try to remember your lessons... Most of the time.

1 comment:

amber ladeira said...

Dear Watcher,

What a story. Of course I'm sorry
for your loss, the good ones go too

That sales woman was COMPLETELY out
of line and I see no need for you
to apologize here to her. (I was in
ad sales, know that you can't
just say any old thing to any old body.)

But even though it's bittersweet
for you, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day nonetheless: there's still your lovely wife.

Best Wishes to
you and yours, A.

P.S.: I was worried about you, you
hadn't posted in quite a while. Hope whatever it is has improved.