Saturday, April 2, 2011

Look For the Union Label -OR- In Addition to Flying Your Freak Flag...

While looking for other things, I found this other thing for Union Loving bloggers

I'm not in a union -- can I still join in?

Associate membership of Union Label entitles you to display a supporters logo on your weblog, like this:

Union Label

If you would like to join Union Label as an associate member, send an application by email to Robert Corr, including the following details:

Your name (or pen-name).

The name and URL of your weblog.

When your associate membership is confirmed, you will be added to the membership list and informed how to add the Union Label to your site.

Your email address will be kept entirely confidential. It will be used only to update you about the status of this project -- for example, if you need to update the code on your webpage. If you would prefer that I discarded your address, just let me know.

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