Saturday, January 1, 2011

It'll Be Just Like Starting Over -OR- Good Riddance Ignominious Decade 1 of 21st Century

I'm still standing. I wish to lay my weary body down. A life's problems are more than enough with which to cope without the constant and compounding "help" of others; regardless of how well meaning the efforts. Square pegs are to be cherished and nourished; not pounded into submission. That approach has plainly, clearly, undeniably resulted in the less than optimal unfolding outcomes.

Get Back. Get Back. Get back to where you once belonged.

Move beyond the rhetoric and see that the path we are on is to a place no sane person wants to go.

John Prine
Crooked Piece Of Time

Things got rough
Things got tough
Things got harder than hard
We were just trying to make a livin'
In our back yard

We were born too late died to soon
Anxiety's a terrible crime
If you don't come now don't come at all
'cause it's a crooked piece of time.

It's a crooked piece of time that we live in
A crooked piece of time
All in all and all in all
It's a crooked piece of time.

Yesterday morning an I'll wind came
Blew your picture
Right out of the picture frame
Even blew the candle out
From underneath the flame
Yesterday morning an I'll wind came.

But that was yesterday. We stand today at tomorrow.

What say you?


amber ladeira said...

In spite of all we've said,
Happy New Year and Decade
to you and yours!

John Prine's words said it well.
I can see you are being victimized
by what in the "70's was called
"cosmic depression". (Sometimes
depression is the right response!
But please don't let it last.)

You know, Shakespeare in several of his plays referred to "a crooked
piece of time" too, but his term
was "the times, they are disjoint".

It's the human condition, sadly, which has really not improved much,
when you consider men still want to
stone "their" women when they stray, this practiced in more than
one country. Here at home men still kill "their" significant
others. (Not that I approve of
cheating!) We've ever been ingenious with gadgetry innovation while character issues have rarely or slowly evolved. (It is completely sobering to note that 6,000 years ago a priest in Egypt wrote to an acolyte about long should
it take, for us to become better,
saner survivors?)

Nevertheless, the future is not yet set so it's logical and moral to do one's best; now and again we DO make a difference.

I answered your comment to my recent post, not sure you'll agree with or like it. Lately local politics have taken an interesting turn and I'm about to jump in to
the cauldron! (Maybe we can drag you back in, O experienced one.)

Give your wife my regards.

Best, A.

Rehctaw said...

Life through Prine lyrics:

"I used to sleep at the foot of Old Glory.
And awake in the dawn's early light
But much to my surprise
When I opened my eyes
I was a victim of the great compromise."