Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Which Dwarf Am I? -OR- Whadaphuq?

From May...

I'm not happy. or bashful, sleepy or chronically sneezy. No DDS, M.D. or PhD either.
That leaves me Grumpy or Dopey? I know I'm the former for sure, but have to wonder
if that may stem from being the latter. A Duality? I certainly didn't intend to be a political junkie. I spent years striving to render politics irrelevant. I had accepted, as a given, that politicians would lie, cheat, steal, enrich their friends, family and rarely live up to a promise. So it was, so shall it be.

Who tells about the lying cheating, stealing and personal enrichment? The media.
In order to compete it lies, cheats and steals for its own personal enrichment needs. News? No shock here anymore... It's newsfotainment now. Driven not by principle, but principal. Out of all the crap that takes place on a given day, what displays is formulaic.
Six drops of essence of terror, five drops of sinister sauce.
(Bonus points for recognition) Ending with a tincture of tenderness?
It's not part of the solution; not particularly interested in solutions; only ratings and framing the next cycle...

In whatever form you choose to digest, there is very little nutritional value.

When looking for what has polarized the discourse, where do people turn? The media.
Individually, people turn to their preferred sources, seemingly to have their worst fears validated without having to actually experience the real world trauma. These people are the target audience. More casual viewers get the dosage if not the immediate gratification. An incremental cumulative effect builds and breaks down the natural immune system predicated on none of this shit having actually visited upon them. It's an anecdotal world. Perception is reality.

It has happened incrementally, over time, sowing and nurturing predictable intractable problems and patterns.

Worse, it has trained both ends of their camera and microphone circus to perform and react on cue. It's surreality. Conditioned call and response. A string of performance vignettes.

7 months of aging hasn't mellowed the brew.
There's even less "nutrition", fewer facts, more slain messengers and absolutely no lifesign from what I would consider the progressive spectrum in the daily information diet. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw or heard a vigorous discussion of PEACE. Like there isn't a direct correlation between our perpetual war mentality and the scratching and clawing for scarce resources? We've depleted our stockpiles of short-shelf-life weaponry, so that now we're putting everything on the credit card.

Aha! The distinction between Grumpy and Dopey suddenly comes into sharper focus. I know which I am and why.

I'd still like to consider myself part of the solution, but I'm hopelessly monolingual. Is there a real world to Opposite World translator on Bablefish?
What IS so funny `bout PEACE, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING anyways? Show me where this enters the fray. When was the last time you heard the message in the media?

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