Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Speaking of Luck -OR- There But For...

When I was born my family rented an apartment at 943 N. Avers in Chicago. My arrival brought the family census to five, six if you count my grandmother who lived with us.
When I outgrew the crib, larger quarters were necessary, so in the spring of 1958 the family moved several blocks south and east to 734 N. Trumbull. The short move had a HUGE impact. We'd crossed parish boundaries, out of Our Lady of Angels into St. Matthew's. My sister would not be going back to OLA school in the fall of 1958 to start 2nd grade.

More Photos @ Chicago Tribune

Each year, the anniversary of the fire has been a bittersweet remembrance.

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amber ladeira said...

Dear Watcher,

I've seen the John Calloway documentary twice on the OLA preventable tragedy; can't bear to watch it again.

My sincere commiserations to you and all current Cook County taxpayers. The greatest % of the property tax increase is due to the 7% tax cap being inexplicably allowed to lapse by Springfield. (Some of those officials live in and own homes here, many of them not particularly rich. So are they hoisting themselves on their own
petard, carrying the rest of Cook Co's. home owners along with them??
--Sure seems like it.) Oh, wait --maybe that's the legislators being patriotic!

All kidding by the board, THANK GOD you all moved, saving your sister's life. --Bittersweet, indeed.

Have seen you on Driftglass's blog;
that guy is a genius too.

Best Wishes,
Best Regards,