Monday, December 20, 2010

Short Attention Span Kabuki Theater. -OR- What Was the Question?

"Jaaaaane! Stop this crazy thing!"

When the solution to George's problem is simply for Jane to push a button, George is entirely at her mercy. Astro and the cat, being smarter than George, can just sit and enjoy the show. Unless or until Jane pushes the button, George's options are limited. Of course ANYBODY could push the button. Elroy, Judy, Rosie, Henry the Janitor, his robot helper Mac or a passer-by. Nobody seems to question or wonder why George himself didn't possess a kill switch, or that the machine lacked adequate safety failsafes... Pretty damn short-sighted and inefficient isn't it?

The gag only works if it's ONLY Jane who can resolve the predicament? As if she's the only one who knows what button to push in the Jetson's push-button world.

How many of our current treadmills have push button solutions? ALMOST ALL OF THEM.
Why won't anyone push the proper buttons and STOP THIS CRAZY THING?

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