Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mental Health Day -OR- Jeeeeeeeeeeez, Time Fucking OUT!

I was duly impressed by Bernie Sanders' one man stand. If it were a movie, one or more of his fellow senators would have cracked and confessed to crimes against humanity.
In the end, it's a foregone conclusion that his efforts were completely symbolic, but for nearly one day in the United States Senate, reason, logic and sanity prevailed.
For one day, the "important business of the Senate" was forestalled on the principles that the body is supposed to represent.

When it was over I wondered aloud...

How much money did his fellow senators collect from special interests during the session? How many more backroom deals were cut?

That was replaced by quiet contemplation of my lot in the U.S. Senate. Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk. How ignoble can it get?

Happy ZappaSaturdaydan

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