Friday, November 19, 2010

Turn Out the Lights. Party's Over -OR- OMG WTF

HuffPo's so whack. FB's so on. Echoed Stoopid on Huff Po

Abandon all hope. There can be no better allegory for why things are so fucked up.
The unrecoverable errors of life are running the show and they are every bit as petty, vindictive and clueless as they appear to be.


sunshine said...

What the hell?
Is this for real???

Someone was just arguing with me on my blog the other day about how "sad" she thought my comments about Bristol Palin were.
Apparently anyone trying to live a "moral life" are subject to bitches like me saying mean things about them.
I was feeling fragile that day and didn't take the woman to the back shed like I should have, instead I smoothed things over.
Everyone on Facebook (including me) is stupid. :)


amber ladeira said...

Not everyone on FB is clueless,
but the temptation to "major in
the minors" is great; look how
the technology began: an ugly
but tech savvy Harvardite decides
to "rate" his female peers and
devises the system to do it. He then apes Bill Gates by quitting Harvard and starting his own company, eventually cheating others who participated in originating the technology, also a la Gates with Netscape.

I'm on Facebook because people I
love, some out of state, are on it.
I try to be encouraging, informa- tive and not announce every minor errand I undertake.

But each to their own, at their
own peril, when employers and
acquaintances discover flaws.

sunshine said...

You're so right on about all of that!

The ones that REALLY bother me are people that leave vague taglines.
Something along the lines of.. "Oh my God! I cannot believe that this is happening to me again!!!"

I feel like smashing them. :)