Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One of These Things -OR- Murphy Was Here.

Putting the finishing touches on the prep-to-Thanksgiving gathering when Murphy dropped in. Beer stocked? Check. Turkey Brining? Check. Bar stocked? Check.
House fairly presentable? Check?
Not so fast there...
Bathroom sink drain suffers meltdown and leaks all over? WTF!!!

I guess it's a good news/bad news thing. The bad news is that after rebuilding the drain and getting rid of the nasty rotted old parts, my hands are not fit to be handling food that will feed others. That means I can get an early start on that beer fridge?

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hope yours doesn't involve plumbing repair.

NOTE: The pictures above are visual representations, not the actual stuff here.
I considered taking pictures of the disaster, but thought of YOUR appetite and disgestion and opted for a less gross facsimile.

If anyone has a suggestion for how to get the lingering smell out of my olfactory receptors, PLEASE lay it on me.

Lacking a good idea myself, I'm turning to the Beer Fridge for help.


sunshine said...

Probably the beer will work wonders in "getting the smell out". ;p

I think that it's a law or something that some kind of crap-o-la, has to go down when you're expecting company... like you said, Murphy dropped in.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We Canuckleheads celebrate in October so it's just another day to me... :D


amber ladeira said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours--
keep the posts coming!

Best, A.

RE: Eliminating the lingering smell:
How about getting some fresh
mint leaves, then rolling them up and placing carefully inside nostrils (one at a time)and gently
inhaling? If you have mint oil in the kitchen, just a bit on a q-tip might do the trick. (Unless you were just kidding!)