Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Goody, the Cattle Prod Again -OR- You're Special, So Special

Exceptionalism is a disease, as contagious as syphilis, as recognizable as The Shrub's smirk or Darth Chaney's sneer. Throughout the land our exceptionals are now telling us that sustainability is threatened. That belts must be tightened, budgets slashed and sacrifices made in millions of households just to assure the balance of privilege. I mean, what else could be done? Remember? Deficits didn't previously matter. At least until there's advantage to their mattering greatly. All the evil people who financed lifestyle through cash-out refinancing are minuscule compared to the blatant looting that has marked the conservative movement's shenanigans. Even Madoff's billions are chump change in comparison.

Whose standard of living is threatened the most? Who could have possibly predicted the intricately woven, interconnected, marginally balanced house of cards would fall down? We can't even do an accurate damage assessment due to the patchwork of fixes that have been hastily applied. Oh, and because people are still pulling profit out of the wreckage.

Phuq yes I'm angry, but not Teabagger angry. I mean, I'm certainly not willing to stick it to myself to assure that blood-sucking parasites will not have to come to grips with their ruinous behaviors. Still, I'm also not willing to sit idly by while fresh bodies are fed into the shredder for the sake of corporate profitability.

Hell yeah I'm pissed off, but not backwardly CCRWRSWAM pissed off at the victims of the schemes. I'm livid that asshats aren't lined up for sentencing. Instead the plans of Gekko worshipping Enron clones, AIG derivative bundlers and Silverado tweakers continue to licentiously and arrogantly roll merrily along because they've got the best Congress money can buy.

The game was rigged. Still is. Perhaps the only change is that now rather than not WANTING to draw attention to the scam, it has to be continued, to avoid mass revolt.
Lucky for them....

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