Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Life? Don't Talk To Me About Life" -OR- Each And Every Day!

I mean REALLY? Gnaw, gnaw, gnaw... Brace yourself for another onslaught of rampant stupidity. Secure in the knowledge that for teh profoundly stoopid, along with all the other words they don't understand, QUIT! and STOP! get dyslexisized within their cranial emptiness as GO! and KEEP IT UP!, OH YEAH! Give us lots more of THAT!


In the world we used to know, such lunacy was just as common, but didn't carry much import. didn't affect. didn't distract. didn't derail. didn't run for or hold office except in isolation.

But then teh stoopid organized. Well, actually they were rounded up, herded, branded and reprogrammed with simplistic jingoisms, jargon and phraseology to be used on everything, regardless of relevance, oblivious to how stoopid they sound in utterance.

My first recognizable experience with teh NEO-stoopids took place in the late 70s. That's when Steve Dahl programmed, wound up and unleashed his army of INSANE COHO LIPS upon the Chicago Music scene and the undeserving, unprepared population. Their mission was to kill, maim and destroy Disco Music. Their programming was simple; rudimentary; DISCO SUCKS! Spoken, chanted, shouted without regard to venue or genre. It was their battle cry, their mating call, their lunch order...AND THEY WERE EVERYWHERE!

You could no longer go to ANY venue without enduring the chant. Bands couldn't ignore it, couldn't reason with it or amplify over it and for damn sure didn't want to engage it. All they could do was ride it out; hope and pray that it would go away.

The effect was not lost on political strategists. The more mindless the better.

That was then; this is now? Teh Stoopids love to be the center of attention.

Somewhere in Bolingbrook, in his subterranean Winnebago, the Stever is still wondering WTF happened. Nowhere is he given the "credit" he deserves for the concept that changed EVERYTHING. His relative obscurity, despite his big idea, still provides him fodder for his podcasts.
Sure, jingoists and flim-flammers harnessed the mob prior to the Disco Sucks movement, but Steve modernized the approach, incorporated it with multimedia with corporate backing.

And changed the world into what we have today. Thanks?


Pellora said...

All this is enough to make my head explode. The batshitcrazy method was created earlier, but I think it was refined and used by Ronnie, and more improved by the likes of Atwater and Rove - and here we are. The method has been used for over 30 years - and it is just now reaching a level of discernible awareness in not batshitcrazy people, for some or many, I wish for more. The problem - how to combat it, how to get around it, how to avoid the road that the batshitcrazies are leading us down. It seems a person's common sense would tell them that something is wrong with the picture -

Like with respect to "multi-tasking" and my assumption that most people can do that, I have finally had to admit that my assumption that most people have common sense is wrong. It appears that common sense is not common after all.

amber ladeira said...

It's called The Big Lie and it's
been around for thousands of years.
Some simply refer to it as propaganda, but endless repetition
surely does the trick--brainwashing. More people are vulnerable to such
attacks than anyone wants to believe: slogans uber alles!

But the unexamined life isn't worth living, a past savant has said, and he is right, so we'll continue to examine and occasionally holler in protest