Monday, September 20, 2010

Where Is The PONY? -OR- Our Highway To Nowhere Inparticular

You've been driving for what feels like forever, on a road unfamiliar, yet properly lit and seeming to be going in the same direction you're supposed to go... ever onward the miles click away. Reassuring signs keep telling you that this is the right road. Other signage warns you of dire consequence should you try to exit. Still, the nagging uncertainty remains, so you decide to stop and ask for directions. You pull into a truck stop. After getting an earful of cryptic information, you decide to buy a map.

It unfolds before you revealing that you are indeed off-course, but according to the map, if you just keep going they way you have been, you'll get there; eventually.
The alternative is to reverse your course, return home and begin again.
Fuck that! You've come too far to even consider turning back. Some of your map seems off somehow, it's a little disconcerting, but the map makers must know what they're doing, right?

Your decision is sealed as you are leaving the truck stop. There is a brightly lit truck just ahead. The back of the truck reads: Follow ME to your destination. I know all the best routes!

WOW, you think, how did he know? It must be a sign. It occurs to you that none of this can be real. But what choice do you have? An endless trip back or keep going, follow the signs? Besides which, you now have your MAP.

You've driven so far, so fast, for so long that you're not really sure where you came from to begin. You didn't like it there either anyway, so it follows naturally that getting where you were going is the way to go. Where were you going? Anyway?
What happens to your trip when you find out the map you're using is printed upside down? The turn you missed is now on another plane of existence? The maze is in flux and the world's just making shit up as it clods along.

This Country Can't Deal With Reality Anymore

History will not be kind to us. At every fork in the road, we've followed the Big Truck with the misleading signage.

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amber ladeira said...

Yep, the mapmakers have lied,
on occasion. Yep, history will
not be kind to us; already the
critiques from around the world
are becoming deafening.

--Your statement, "shouting into
the abyss", reminds me of "He
seeth the abyss, but with pride".