Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Somebody Ought to Say It -OR- Sabotage

That's right. Sabotage. And well within the definitions of treason and sedition.

Where's the proof? Everywhere. In everything. Since St. Ronnie pushed the tiller hard-over and mashed the pedal to the metal, it's been a blurring, white-knuckle ride. Figuratively, the controls are locked out and the brake lines cut. Anti-Personnel mines, IEDs, and booby-traps surround the engine room. Pieces of said engines are disintegrating, flying off and failing at an ever accelerating rate.
Our present trajectory is a corkscrew turning intractably to the right.

Mission Accomplished.

The consequence of this course of action was well-known and predictable. By the time the herd bothered to look up, rise up and get angry, the damage would be done and somebody else would be left to take the blame. Any attempts to fix the damage results in precipitous, violent, stomach churning symptoms that only ease when withdrawn. It is important to recognize that these are only symptoms because they are absolutely essential maneuvers to regaining control. Avoiding the impact, at speed, is crucial to any hope for what any of us might accept or recognize as survival.

Looking to the skies for an interplanetary hero won't help at all.

The unnatural disaster we are screaming toward will be very different unless we prevent it. The only way to prevent it is to clear the minefields, disarm the IEDs and booby-traps and take back the engine room. Whoa, wait just a minute! Isn't that tea-party talk?

No, not at all. If you listen closely to the tea-party message, that's precisely what they want to stop from happening. They are being mislead into thinking that the people trying to fix things are the saboteurs. Granted they seem inept and bumbling in their attempts, but I attribute that to just how colossally FUBAR things are and their unwillingness to appear panicked.

There is a way through this minefield, but it's not a straight line. Step by step, the mines must be found, marked and mapped for later disarming and removal. Until the field is clear, missteps are ill-advised. In that light, progress is being made. There is reason to remain hopeful.

More important there is skill and talent, deserving of our admiration, charting a way out of this valley. What seems to be business as usual just might be a genius at work. You have to set `em up before you can knock `em down. Identify and isolate before you can eliminate. It takes nerves of steel to work on live ordnance embedded in a population. It's a long slow slog not suited to reactionaries.

So when you hear the hysterical screaming over the faux outrage de jour, try to see past it to the horizon. The world is round. We will get there. Only fools rush in. We've been there, done that. You MUST remember...That's why we're in this fucking mess in the first place.

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