Friday, August 6, 2010

How Do You Think? -OR- Always The Square Peg Getting Hammered

How free are you? Within the confines of the allowable structure. Is that enough?
Where you draw the line is important, but hardly universal. Of late we've been hearing more than is necessary about "process" as being responsible for our seeming inability to get anything done. Great cacophonies of hue and cry blare omni-directionally from our institutional resources. All of it seemingly to design ever more elaborate mazes through which acceptability must navigate.

Does the complexity serve? Who? What?

Can we safely ignore the sheer numbers of unintended victims just so we can live in blissful ignorance? Are you too busy, or just too oblivious to understand that life in the maze is ALL about finding one's way? When any wrong turn results in game ending consequence, is the game worth playing? How does one communicate their withdrawal from the game without abdication of their ability to exist?

The list of transgressions which involve elimination from the rest of "ordered" society continues to grow, but to where does it lead?

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