Monday, August 23, 2010

Find the Cost of Laughter -OR- Grokking Things Today

"You've broken the speed of the sound of loneliness, you're out there runnin' just to be on the run" John Prine

He's on the road again. Trolling for relevance. Desperate for attention. Still full of shit. Coming soon to an open mike night near you.

Ahh, the road. Mythical, mystical, magical. Flat, Hot and Crowded. Just how crowded it is out there cannot be fully appreciated because it's being beamed into your life 24/7. News you can't use.

The only thing missing is Little Jack Horton on the midway hawking the freak & geek show.

C'mon, step on up! On your right. See Newtie and Mooselini. Armey and Annie. Don't miss the two Micheles! You haven't seen this much ramped up, amped up faux fury since
Lonesome Rhodes in "A Face In The Crowd".

Look UP! Working the wire above the midway. It's everybody's second favorite clown, Blago! Without a net. (curse my lack of Pshop skills. Think Ruth Buzzi's Gladys Ormphby with Blago's face.)

He still ain't sayin' nuffin, but he's using a lot of words, air time and hairspray to do it.

But shouldn't there be ponies? and funnel cakes? and carnival rides operated by tattooed carnies straight outta Central casting?


amber ladeira said...

Oh yeah and no buts, I want ponies
and funnel cakes too! Did you see
Toy Story 3? My daughter and I cried a lot, it was great. I WOULD cuss a blue streak on my blog, but I have young family members reading it now and again, so symbolic substitutions will have to do.

I have a screamin' red John Prine
flyswatter! Found it on the ground
after he returned to his Maywood
childhood home for a fundraiser to
benefit a burned out (but not down) community center there.

I'm staying here for a while, then
over to Matt's place. Best, A.

Rehctaw said...

Stay as long as you'd like.

Haven't seen TS3. My kidvid exposures have fallen off markedly.

I have issues with John Prine, but still admire his talent. The issues stem from his nostalgic amnesia involving Maywood and Proviso HS. He's also a much better songwriter when he's cynical. His "lovesong" phases have been painful.

Kudos on the swatter though.

Consider yourself invited to the next backyard gathering. I'll figure out how to reach you.