Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Clarification -OR- Button, Button Who Has The Button

Clarification: The Hippies ARE still correct.

It seems regardless of where I dip a toe into a stream, blame for the F.U.B.A.R. clusterfuckery playing out in the U.S. of A is stapled mercilessly on "The Boomers".
Done and done. Their fault. Look no deeper. Ask no questions.

The youngest of the "boomers" are celebrating their 64th birthdays this year. Therefore, they are hardly responsible for the "crisis in Social Security"; they are its victims. Their lifetime of earnings and payroll taxes used by dinosaurs and fossils to BUY the last 40 years "seniors voting bloc" through suspect means.

The "boomers" fought and died in Viet Nam and fought on all sides of the Anti-War, Civil Rights, Women's Rights andonandon movements here at home. DFHs, a collective, disparate spectrum label, span the ages under differing names. Their common beliefs, interests, movements and struggles tending to cluster on the progressive axises.

If we are to finally have a reality based discourse on the future, it will begin by talking in REAL terms about the people and actions that got us where we are; leaving the conjured boogeymen and scapegoats in the ante-rooms. Please?

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