Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mother Nature's Pissed -OR- Biblically Speaking, It's WET!

People around here are losing their minds. They're looking for hides. They're gathering feathers and heating up tar pots.

Another climate change coinkydink? The skies opened and dumped 8 INCHES of precipitation on areas of the Chicago Metro region. The thunderstorm also triggered
power failures giving deluged residents the double whammy. No electricity to pump the collected storm waters out of preferably dry enclosures like basements, crawl spaces, kitchens and living rooms.

For the attentionally deficit, this is all too much. Spokesmodels from an alphabet soup of acronym fronted entities are throwing around their encyclopaedic reservoir of Three Dollar words as to the acceptable decorum that should be practiced by citizens. Said citizens only knowing that A) this hasn't happened to them before. B)this is the third so-called 100-year weather incident in the last month. C) their Ark building skills are more than a bit rusty, D)they are positively homicidal over their situation. They want help. They want answers. They want BLOOD!

Casa Rehctaw has not been breached. A few small trickles in unfinished space is all I've had to deal with. My trusty "emergency" pump is hard at work for a neighbor down the block whose lower level "finished basement" collected three feet of water.
I haven't done the precise math. Let's do it now... Roughly 875 square feet of basement space under 3 feet of water equals 19,608 gallons...
A month ago they took over a foot of water down there. It had almost dried/aired out enough to think about what to do next when this happened.

More rain is on the way.

Happy happy joy joy....

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