Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gadzooks! It's Tough Out There -OR- This Too Shall Pass?

What the fuck.

I swear, if one more well-meaning, but serially disconnected skin sack, jumps aboard the S.S. Rehctaw, I'm gonna steer straight for the rocks. I'm not sure how anything being seriously considered or implemented alters the fundamental imbalance that is firmly entrenched.

If it all falls to pieces tomorrow, (which when taking in all of the crises and clusterfuckery into account is, at present, the most likely of potential eventualities), will you still be scanning the horizon for the cavalry? Who's gonna clean up this mess? What kind of trust fund covers end of civilization cascading failures masquerading as NORMAL function? When belief can no longer be suspended or postponed, what is the pecking order? Will the domesticated simply ignore the chaos and await the star-studded gala relief telethon?

Will there be edicts and proclamations directing the survival efforts? Have you scoped out your new digs? Determined your escape route? Cuz getting there will be half the fun ya know. Want a cutesy test to determine your future?
It's not too late for actual solutions, but that clock is rapidly running out.

Have a nice day.

And if you're looking to ways to help in seemingly small, but vital ways, stop over at Bluegal's or Drifty's place and hit the tip jar.

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Fran Langum / Blue Gal said...

Thanks for the props honey. And keep da faith. xoxo