Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grown-up talk -OR- Nowhere Else in Opposite World

While Bobo, Capt. Obvious and the usual suspects bandy pulchritudinous words -that bleed all over any attempts at serious discussion, hence redefining serious discussion to mean whatever it is that the gaggle says it is-, (but I digress too...) Meanwhile, out where the air isn't so polluted, there are still many who gnaw through the restraints and offer a well-reasoned, practical assessment of the road down which we are being dragged. Agree or disagree, their alternate history deserves at least an equal hearing.

Discordant wisdom that stands up to scrutiny. Words that EXPLAIN our present conjured difficulties and reclaim territory that was wrongfully seized and occupied by posers, charlatans and newspeakers.

Thankfully, outlets still exist where SMART people can be heard speaking truth to teh stoopid. Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman and "Democracy NOW" should be far more accessible and viewed.

Among other connections, Prof. Chomsky deftly tracks our present straits to deliberate maneuvers of power and deflections of blame.

"Another stunning illustration of the success of propaganda, which has considerable import for the future, is the cult of the great killer and torturer Ronald Reagan, one of the grand criminals of the modern era, who also—he also had an unerring instinct for favoring the most brutal terrorists and murderers around the world, from Zia-ul-Haq and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in what’s now called AfPak to the most dedicated killers in Central America to the South African racists who killed an estimated 1.5 million people in the Reagan years and had to be supported because they were under attack by Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress, one of “more notorious terrorist groups” in the world, the Reaganites determined in 1988. And on and on, with remarkable consistency. Now, his grisly record was quickly expunged in favor of mythic constructions that would have impressed Kim Il-sung. Among other feats, he was anointed as the apostle of free markets, while raising protectionist barriers more than probably all other postwar presidents combined and implementing massive government intervention in the economy. He was a great exponent of law and order, while he informed the business world that labor laws would not be enforced, so that illegal firing of union organizers tripled under his supervision. His hatred of working people was exceeded perhaps only by his contempt for the rich black women driving their limousines to collect their welfare checks."

Custom work. FACTUALLY based and factually accurate which means that it will not mesh well with the catapulted propaganda. Descriptive of the world that was and how it was stolen and occupied by monsters, opportunists and smug-elitist thieves.

Go there. Watch the video, read the transcript. Read it again. See how the truth shines through.

If we survive and IF we eventually prevail to reclaim god and country. These will be the modern dark ages. A real world is still there, -still possible- just across the threshold. If we can tear our eyes away from the sideshows and gain back a foothold, the smokescreen will lift. Really. The recognition of the ugliness and the truth of the snowjob will sink in quickly. The keening screams of opposite world usurpers will be sweet music to ears everywhere.

If we don't leave, we can never come back. The squatters will have to MOVE!


Anonymous said...

'Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman and "Democracy NOW" should be far more accessible and viewed....'

As to 'accessible', just google 'Chomsky torrents' or search on youTube. Lots is available.

As to 'viewed'... of course, repugs (i.e., sleazy dishonest salesmen) all know that it's not whether a message can be accessed, but who can deluge the public with endless repetition their messages, regardless of what lying stupid bullshit those messages are. (Take the trouble never to watch commercials. They rot your brain. No you are not immune. Seriously. It's not that hard.)

Nevertheless, hope still exists, because on-demand internet audio/video may yet kill commercial radio/TV some day - the youngsters are hip to it; it's growing.

Rehctaw said...

I think it safe to say that the youngsters aren't watching DN or seeking out Chomsky. As a group they actually think the hippies of the 60s are to blame for our dysfunctions.

The word/lie deluge may be metaphoric, but it has been irrationally successful. Median U.S. age is around 33. Today's reality is all that has ever been.

That's one big fucking eraser that disconnects the past's mistakes.