Friday, May 14, 2010

Small Town Smarm Again -OR- Plethoras?

Back in October, I sketched the plight of a local business in dealing with an apparently inept developer/contractor, equally unhelpful government oversight and the immediate problem of trying to run an "indoor" business in a building that was less than weather-tight. (See here

There are presently lawsuits, countersuits, foreclosures, upside down mortgagees, auctions, and generally pissed off folks locked in a zero-sum game. While all of this is going on, the occupants of the building are LIVING and WORKING in less than
idyllic situations, dealing with red-tape and interior gutter systems, crying and swearing wondering what they ever did to deserve their present tribulations.

Surprise! It's springtime! It's been raining here. This hand-held tour shows how much progress hasn't been made.

I've occasionally written about the three asshats who constitute a voting majority of our village government and their antics, licentiousness, hubris, balderdash and outright sleazy behaviors. I've avoided posting on their irregular activities more often, so as not to get stuck in a rut. But I live it every fucking day. I've lived it every day going back 15 years when the larval form emerged. I even ran against the El Guapo in 1999. A hopeless campaign, but I tried.

To my shame, after losing, I was inconvenienced, marginalized and cowed. The first four years were the worst. Then came the second four years. Those were the worst too.
These last four years have also been the worst. Rarely a week goes by when some action or inaction, some technically legal but ethically abysmal manuever, of the three amigos' "leadership" hasn't peed on my Cheerios in one way or another.

As you can see by the countdown clock in the sidebar, there are 325 days until the next local election. Locking down three votes in this community of 15,000 would seem to be an easy task considering the abject assholiness of the present ruling clique.
The problem with that is organization. They not only seem to have it, but their reign has effectively eliminated anyone from contention. I could tangent off into the similarities with other regimes, but won't. The only bright side to any of this is that nothing they've done cannot be undone if they are gone.

The following gives you a taste of the arrogance and puts the problem in a nutshell.

Pray for us!

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