Monday, May 17, 2010

Silly Rehctaw, Because That Is How It Has Always Been Done! -OR- Selective Memories

Grind, Chop, Whirr, Puree. Voila!

Maybe I'm amazed at the success of transformation and terraforming that has occurred?
The nagging "Yeah, Buts" with which I battle are clearly a personal affliction, outside and detached from the methodical entrenchment of interests that now passes as reasoned policy for the public weal.

Our daily lives are chock full of anachronisms. Our fighting forces still use flintlock weapons, our airplanes still have propellers, football helmets are still made of leather.

We Don't? They're NOT? Ah, yes we've made PROGRESS! We now have better ways and materials that were bestowed upon us, from above, by wealthy benefactors. There has been no struggle, no pitched battles over minor things like worker's rights, civil rights, HUMAN rights? The operative word being RIGHT and today's "Right" was responsible for all of that progress; every bit of it. If you don't believe them, just ask them.

Why question that premise? Don't I have better things to do with my time?
SHOULDN'T I make better use of my time? My kind of thinking is pointless.
Clearly, everything is working well. Why CHANGE any of it?

How did this patently ridiculous rewrite of history transpire? How is it able to sustain under even casual scrutiny? How did this strategic dismembering and reconstruction take place? Why, now that everything has been CHANGED, is CHANGE suddenly evil?

Why is trying to remind people that this bullshit is ALL relatively new and, on whole, PURE fabrication and fiction, such an impossible task?

Riddle me this...

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