Monday, May 3, 2010

Rethink -OR- Don't Follow Our Blind Pigs

Right or wrong. Isn't it basically that simple? Incremental-ism and excremenental-ism are NOT viable replacements for actual knowledge and consistency. When you're wrong more often than not, something nebulously known as credibility must suffer. It shouldn't matter that you were right once or that you may/will be right, ONCE, again someday.

Stating the obvious then wrapping it around some semi-plausible absolute of cause and effect should not pass as WISDOM. When you miss the mark it doesn't matter how fervently you state and re-state your plausibility. Don't change the subject. Don't alter the record; because wrongs snowball and accumulate much faster when left unattended.

Given: Nobody is perfect. Given: Almost everybody deserves a second chance. Given: Even a broken clock is right twice a day. BUT NOBODY should build a lucrative career that is long-term damaging and cascadingly costly to countless unwitting victims when their correct to incorrect ratio is tiresomely, consistently and expensively hard over to the INCORRECT side of the ledger.

The conglomeration of side-show geeks, charlatans, hucksters, shills and guessers who have been squatting atop what passes for our information pipeline have one, and ONLY one, attribute and concern; SURVIVAL. The A-lister's roll-call rivals the Terror Watch List. Yet, somehow, the one that represents the larger threat, has absolutely caused more disruptions, fear and TERROR still circulates openly and arrogantly across the public airwaves.

Useless fools wielded as useful tools? So who is propping them up as legitimate?
Who is Kaiser Soze? Consumers? Not bloody likely. Can we have a debate? Which is worse: UNinformed or MISinformed?

Equivalism that is held out as lame excuse? That Limbaugh is offset by Olbermann? That left and right are equally guilty and responsible? That there is a greater good served by the circus? That somewhere in the preponderance of punditry there is consensus or redemption? Are you buying this bullshit? Why is anyone buying?

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