Saturday, May 8, 2010

Outnumbered -OR- Where Does It Hurt?

One less tree in a forest of asshats. Phil Pagano, Executive Director of Metra Rail commits Suicide.

He allegedly paid himself an improper $56,000 on top of his $256K salary and was just hours away from an official inquiry, when he stepped in front of one of "his" commuter trains.

His tragic death has triggered another round of knowing nods in the Land of Blago.

Like the litany of tragic characters of Chicago, Crook County and Illinois whose enigmatic records stand as testament to the consumptive, corruptive, corrosive side-effects of power, Pagano will be forever known as one of them guys. Empowered and entitled. Licentious and ultimately disgraced.

He is survived by countless cohorts and wannabes upon whom the lesson will be lost.
Most of whom will neither reflect and seek their own locomotive nor change their ways. Instead they will double down on attorneys and each other to devise new ways to make their activities legal.

Please don't believe that this is a problem unique to Chicago, Crook County, Illinois because anywhere there is a nice, ripe dollar to be gotten by position and popularity, the exact same process is being worked.

Our public and private sectors are teeming with self-rationalized, self-realized parasites who are mindless to their individual, conglomerated, cummulative impact on

Facing reality for Mr. Pagano was less attractive than facing a 100 ton locomotive.
He joins a growing list of brave cowards that cannot offset the replacement rate.

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