Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mixed Emotions On This One -OR- Stand Back, This Is Gonna Get HUGE!

PA Tax Amnesty

Pennsylvania authorized (under Act 48, signed into law on Oct. 9, 2009) a Tax Amnesty period from April 26 to June 18, 2010.
During this limited, 54-day timeframe, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue will waive 100 percent of penalties and half of the interest for anyone who pays his/her delinquent state taxes.
Individuals, businesses and other entities with Pennsylvania tax delinquencies as of June 30, 2009, are generally eligible to participate in the Tax Amnesty Program.

There are a shitload of deadbeats who owe back taxes to the state of Pennsylvania. The "law-abiding, tax-paying" citizens must underwrite these "loans", so I sort of support this collection effort. However, I cringe at the potentials.

Living in Crook County and witness to the first-rate bureaurats redeem their pound of flesh, regardless, I have a natural, healthy, skepticism that an effort like this would be without serious, nasty, error-ridden side-effects.

According to the PA DOR Website 5,936 Illinoisians owe money to PA. Since I've never, to my knowledge, earned money in PA, nor have I received any notice of a potential deliquency, I should be safe? Right?

I'm sure their records are 100% accurate and foolproof right? RIGHT?!?!?
No chance anyone will be mistakenly bent over and buggered, right?
PA no doubt has a process in place to rectify any errors or omissions on their part, right?
No other state, given the present grim realities, would take PA's lead and launch a revenue enhancement "initiative" to avoid having to address the woeful spending side of state budgeting by pointing the blame at nameless miscreants at-large? Right?
There is no difference between an unintended error and willful disregard, right?
So what if a few innocents get caught up in the grinder eh?

The bottom line is the bottom line, right?

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