Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meet The Problem -OR- Which Way ?

It seems like only yesterday that I firmly stated that the sky is NOT falling.

How's that? It WAS yesterday? Are you sure about that?
How `bout that... bigger than shit, there it is!
I wonder if that's normal or a medical condition?

BTW, Did you hear? THE SKY IS FALLING!

Awwww shit! Whiplash! We is a freaky lot isn't we.
When presented with an opportunity to shit or go crazy, we do both. Our schisms are
our proclivity. The frontal assaults on our pre-frontal lobe continue unabated despite our willing pursuit of diversion.

Is our adults learning? It's frightening to think that the majority who determine our
course as a country suffer from CRS, so they don't specifically realize and retain that it's unwise to double down on stupid. Yet, it's becoming quite clear that this conditioning has taken full hold.

The psychological water-boarding and its unnatural outcomes lead the news, dominate the filler and squat upon the scroll rendering us, its target audience, stupefied, drooling raw nerves; pliant and ready to receive our just deserts.

Evidently 10-second Tom is our average voter.

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