Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fresh Out of Anger -OR- Really? No, REALLY?!?

What was once a leading indicator is now lagging. Outrage just ain't what it used to be. Think about the outrages in your life. Are many worth your time and effort these days? Are any?

What does it take for you to put down the remote control and take to the street?
The following is a semi-actual paraphrasing of a recent amalgam of interactions which have occurred while trying to add my voice and outrage at various rallies and protests.

"Take to the street? Are you kidding me? Haven't you seen what happens in the street? It's full of thugs and evil doers! Oh hell no, the only streets we take to these days are at theme parks! Or on cruise lines. You know the ones. The charming facades, the costumed characters, the boutique-y shops... where we can escape the mean streets back home.

Why bother with reality when you can buy the illusion; all-inclusive? The only people taking to the streets are those who either can't afford the escape or those being paid to be there. Who wants to be seen with them?

Besides, even if we wanted to (peacefully gather to petition for redress of our grievances, have you seen the lines? Take a freakin' number! And what good comes of it?

See that bunch over there? They're day laborers being paid to carry those signs. It's their JOB! Yesterday there was a theater group marching in the same circle doing clever little skits about the unfairness of it all. It was just a gig for them."

My take on the attempted outrage displays I've witnessed is now, officially, pretty cynical. On that I join an already unharnessed legion of folks who've officially dropped out.

Activism by proxy? Millions are doing it via facebook which is, I suppose, the natural evolution of the form as practiced since our outrage was commercialized and harnessed.

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