Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Home Run from 10G -OR- Another Obob Take-down

Whenever Tengrain opens a vein and cranks out more than a pithy paragraph,
it is worthy of study. His MPS snark, p-chops, bad signs and bad statues are pure genius, fer sure and well worth frequent, multiple, daily visitations, but FTTT he is moved to more elaborate dissections. Go there. READ. Enjoy.

I'm continually shocked when the quisling scribblings of the mostly-cloudy, acid trips through Reaganville, for which Skoorb `ObOb' Divad is obscenely paid, are put forth as more than the delusional half-baked back-peddlings and schillings of an otherwise empty and destructive ideology clinging to its inhuman, inhumane, destructive and deconstructionist revisionisms. It's shocking to me because his employers must know better. Evidently being absolutely fucking wrong about absolutely fucking everything while using mystical magical prose in the mid-section of the New York FUCKING Times is unrelated to the decline and demise of print media? It's not Obob's fault that reality relentlessly refuses to follow his oh-so simplistic (if you're on the juice) scripts, missing missives and digital diddlings.

I still get Obob's words tossed at me as cogent explanation of mine own misreading of our present catastri-clusterfuckeddom and proof that the way through our present circumstance is to double-down on stupid shit that fucked us over rather than not doing that shit AT ALL anymore.

And while I understand that things were briefly euphoric when the masses were unthinkingly following the glorious RWR detour into Opposite World, I also understand that I don't want to live there. That people got rich is indisputable.
OTOH, that being hyped up on bullshit, greed and hubris is a healthy long-term lifestyle that can be perpetuated? Or that the same old shit will sustain the bender
for another go-round? That fiscal health is over-rated anyway as long as you can be unhealthy in front of a 10 foot HD screen to watch fictionalized reality or drive your opulently appointed, briefly dependable, living room on wheels over the publicly funded roadways of Opposite World to wait on line to get the latest fashion accessory in already obsolete technology? Oh Fuck yeah! This is living?

Tomorrow's forecast is bleak. Live for yesterdays that never were, chasing the next fix! You're not a junkie. You're a patriotic consumer.

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