Monday, April 19, 2010

Talking Points -OR- You Can't Get There From Here

At some point -hopefully very, very soon- it will be time to talk turkey, stay ON point and manage to dispel the purposeful fog blown into any and all attempts at serious discussion. When that day arrives, the purposely bred, opportunistic misanthropes, blowholes and shills who currently dominate the dais will be unmasked and all the two-stepping and backpedaling in their repertoire will not mitigate accountability. That comfortable nest they've feathered, above the fray, while claiming to speak for the common folk will not escape. They won't be able to deflect, distract, disavow or dazzle anymore.

Stand and Deliver. The teat you're suckling with your quisling behaviors doesn't provide the kind of impunity on which you've feasted. Despite the seeming tolerance and forgetfulness by which you sustain, there is a collective memory out there whose patience is not unlimited. The limits you pretend as not applicable to your activities are gonna get you. You are ill-fit for that world, so it's not surprising that you pretend it doesn't exist, but we're out here; WAITING for you.

I cannot bring myself to hold forth on the "Bozo du Jour" the way other blogs do. I refuse to add to the gainsaying that passes for discourse. Every time I've thought that we've reached the limit of how inane or insane our societal A.D.D. can possibly get, I've been WRONG. I tell myself that I should know better, but there's really nowhere left for me to avoid the all-engulfing, all-distracting bullshit anymore. Except here?

My awareness of "there", is similar to theirs of HERE. The difference pivots on
sustainability not gullibility. You can pretend there isn't a tipping point upon which you daily, gaily dance, but the physics are inescapable. Stuck on stoopid hastens the reckoning. Bogged down with bullshit doesn't alter the odds. Mired in destructive redundancies and spinning our wheels depletes the good will. While another round for the self-serving inertial forces that are perpetually perpetuating my seem imperative, for the rest of growing rest of us it's repulsive.

I stand with the rest of us, but I refuse to be used. I will, eagerly, put my hard-earned indignation up against anyone's, but I will not allow a middle-man to present my grievance. I've seen how far that gets us. It's not too late yet, but it's a lot later than they think.

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