Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Good News/Bad News -OR- Standing On The Rotting Corpse of Principle

It's Dead Jim!

Nobody told Jim Bunning to take a principled stand. Nobody could. He groomed this mound all by hisself. A 3-2 Eephus pitch seemed like a good idea at the time? Who was gonna hit it? Utility groundskeeper Harry Reid? Fugghim! This was the bottom of HIS ninth. The game was in HIS hands. There was more at stake here than the outcome of the game? He shook off the catcher, the pitching coach, his teammates, he flipped off the booing crowd. He stepped off the rubber, the mound and the reservation. He re-tied his spikes, cleaned his cleats, rubbed up the baseball, flipped the rosin bag, spit, adjusted his cap, his belt, his collar, his athletic supporter, pulled the thongish portion from between his buttcheeks, climbed the mound, toed the rubber, glared in at the plate...
The wind up. The pitch! The crack of the bat. A slow dribbler with eyes!
A new major league record 10 Billion errors on one play.

After the loss, philosophical skipper Mitch McConnell, defended his HOF ace.
We'll get another shot tomorrow. I've got a bench full of Bunnings who'll each get their opportunity in the rotation. Senatorial privilege will be continue to be used.

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