Friday, March 5, 2010

Meat on Friday -OR- In Search Of Context

Wrong/Right, Good/Evil, Peace/War, Left/Right? I guess it really is that simple. Logic will not sway the madness.

It truly is a kind of madness. A fundamental, visceral, insurmountable madness that flows and ebbs, shakes and calms. Great misunderstandings working at cross-purpose.
Wearing blinders that defy comprehension since the beginning. A projection of surreality that cannot encompass anything else.

It is proclaimed as the doctrine of the Right that great evil is afoot. We are surrounded by it. If we would just remove the blinders and open our eyes we would see it too. Evil follows them, hounds them, haunts them. They see evil everywhere they go, why can't we? Even deeper, their frustration with having to put up with us
is barely restrained. Only in those dark recesses can their, be still my heart, vision for a more perfect union play out.

Where we see nightmares, they live out their dreams. There can be no peace between us. No coexistence. No tolerance, no allowance. You know who else thought this way?
nah, I won't go there.

The difference between activity and progress is measured in suffering. Having others suffer for our activities, comfort and convenience would seem a rather large blind spot. Projecting the fault for this on to the afflicted must be the only way to assuage the guilt that would otherwise be cause for question.

We prefer to think of their hijinks as benign annoyances. Their obstruction as their right. Their penchant to take all of the credit and none of the blame as a slight character flaw, but the truth is that it is hardwired into their DNA. We don't belong.

In their flag-waving swagger and assumption of the way, the truth and the light, they ignore everything the little people bring to the dance. They confuse our thirst for peace and justice as an unwillingness to fight or do what is REQUIRED to progress, preserve and coexist. They overestimate their own ranks and underestimate ours. They think that money will get them a comfy armchair in the rear area of the conflict they promote. These are blind spots they dismiss at their own peril.

So where does that leave things? Where does it leave us?

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