Saturday, March 20, 2010

In Search of Gruntlement -OR- Time fucking OUT!

Stop telling me that the country has shifted dangerously to the left. On any visible plane of existence it is still firmly hard over to the right, where it has been for my whole life. Any degree to which there has been movement and progress toward peace, social justice, or anything considered leftist has, in the fine print, contained concessions that keep us clearly on the non-leftist side of the threshold so long as there is a buck to be made.

So called liberal initiatives are making people RICH while perpetuating poverty. This is deemed proof of the failure of liberalism. Not because of rational, objective evaluation of the claim, but rather, solely based on the labeling. Any initiative for which less than one-fifth of the resources actually address the liberal intent is so clearly not a liberal undertaking that it is silly and impractical to defend it as such. Yet that is the position forced upon us.

Whether any of this is a liberal failure or failure of liberalism should be unworthy of debate. Liberal programs are not, by nature, more costly. Exactly the opposite.
They do not automatically create an entitlement. Exactly the opposite. They attempt to foster a cooperative rather than adversarial relationship among the citizenry.
Recognizing the symbiotic inter-dependence that provides independence.
Any high costs can and should be directly attributable to the insistence that there be a throttle, controlled by the right, that directs the efforts and limits any effectiveness. The toll in human suffering and lack of genuine progress is even more staggering than the cost.

Maybe it is human nature to willingly accept the self-importance embodied in the
lies and deceits of these attacks without question. Clearly any questioning puts one on the outside looking in. Is our need to belong so strong that there is only the same, constant rut in which to trod this existence?

Finding a niche, however tenuous, unfurnished or uncomfortable, makes one wonder of better ways and better days. Offers respite in which the next stage of the climb can examined in order to be safely undertaken. That is, if climbing is your goal. Otherwise you can settle in and decorate your life.


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matt jacob said...

but i can't afford to decorate.