Monday, March 1, 2010

Anybody Remember The Point of this Exercise -OR- And They're OFF!

The criticism leveled by the blogosphere is that the media isn't fulfilling it's responsibility.

Why then are 90% of blogs just riffing on the same old tired bullshit emanating from the blowholes? Palin, Blago, Scandal, Cheney, Steele, McCain, LIEberman... STOOPID ain't it? Low hanging fruit?

Wasn't the point to RAISE the level of discourse and debate? Get back to some fundamental things upon which most of this fleeting majority can agree? Lying to pig people is their shtick. Incrementalism through fear and lies; their milieu.

We've had decades of their deal and the cost/benefit analysis fails. It's not that hard really. After 40 years of eating the shitty end of simple majority, partisan politics, it was supposed to be different. Eating the shitty end of simple MINORITY, partisan politics doesn't feel different.

Is it different now? Are we charting a new course? Where, when and how. Simple.
Let the sin-eating begin.

Happy National PIG Day 2010!!!

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