Monday, February 1, 2010

Twas Ever Thus -OR- Get Over Yourself

Is there comfort in knowing we've been here before? That the vast majority of us never left? That we are the knot in a perpetual tug o' war? Being dragged back and forth, to and fro, hither and yon towards one ideological end or the other?

Probably not.

In this great philosophical debate, we barely participate. Our role: naivete', apathy, distaste, disgust, revulsion and contentment, then every so often, more often of late it seems, we are told to pick a side. Pick a Champion to sally forth in our stead so we can go back to our alleged pursuit of happiness, piety, contentment or salvation?

In the end, unless staggering incompetence is applied, the daily grind for the masses doesn't change much. Ups and downs, joy and pain, stress and leisure. How we define our own happiness determines the highs and lows. In that light, the primary focus of our Champions, and the criteria we employ in the choosing is best served by minimizing the things that alter that balance.

I'm not sure that such massive incompetence has ever been inflicted on a society. Perhaps it has and the history of that society has been forgotten, scrubbed and sanitized. Perhaps it was swallowed whole by its own incompetence. Whatever the case, it's hard to be optimistic about our prospects.

We should all take the time to ponder our options. We may one day look back at all of this and laugh. Today isn't that day. Today is a day to think about our network, our support, our resources, our assets and our liabilities.

Point of information. Facebook is not a "network" it's a diversion. It's a result of inbred fear of being in proximity. It's a cage. It's a time eater. Get out an mingle with the mangled. You'll be amazed how much we have in common.

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