Monday, February 15, 2010

Sir Reality -OR- Happy Warthog Day

Refusing to be upstaged by Puxatawney Phil, Richard Bruce "The Dick" Cheney, emerged from his undisclosed bunker location somewhere near Mordor, to once again look around and decree that black is white, down is up, war is peace, and torture is pure LOVE. The Emissary from Opposite World sure knows how to work a throng.

In an impassioned interview, he droned his superior understanding of good and evil as he has done consistently throughout his political career. Once again he was off by 180°, but remained resolute, unchanged and unbowed. He is still right and everybody who doesn't believe that is deranged. He ALONE has the intelligence and steely-eyed determination to catapult the propaganda. Doubling down on a world view that rivals the paranoid delusions of a product deprived tweaker -one shared by but not publicly admitted to by a substantial, but inconsequentional MINORITY- The DICK inferred, implied and suggested that we not abandon the master plan of reducing the whole world to internecine warfare.

He remains more visible than he was during his entire elected/appointed political career. I guess now the only thing left for the Dick is an e-ticket visit to the thrill ride of the Hague. That must be his goal. The Capstone of his legacy.

What a dick.

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