Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not To Be Mean, Harsh, Rude, Crude, Cruel or Insensitive... BUT! -OR- Driving Miss Crazy

It's clear that I lack any gravitas. (Remember when that was imporant?) I'm just a DFH out here on the fringe. So while I may not have the audience, I might just have a vital perspective on a few things. I'm not constantly down in the trenches. I still have expectations. I reject the can't do attitude and the half-assed performance of those who begged, pleaded, promised and scummed their way onto the field. I cringe at our media. I find no pleasure in the irony of Sarah Palin's purloined and co-opted "Lamestream Media" descriptive. She is the proof of a media that has jumped the shark. The same media that brought us Paris, Britney, Jacko, Blago and newsfotainment 24/7? There is no seriousness left, no objectivity, no thinking involved. Otherwise they would be driven to explain that we are being driven and they (the media) are the prod. Without a media, what makes Sarah or Paris of interest? Their act isn't even mildly entertaining.

We can't get there from here. It's questionable if we can get anywhere we'd want to go from here. We're so far from there or anything remotely resembling there that there no longer exists except in the abstract. It is buried beneath a mountain of bullshit. The by-product of Trickle Down.

This is what my perspective tells me. We've been going the wrong way, doing the wrong things, for the wrong reasons for so long that we have now have to redefine our destination daily. PERIOD. No amount of debate, discussion, lecturing, polling or finger pointing matters unless it INCLUDES the blunt plain admission that, at this point, we are only compounding our mistakes, making it more difficult to stop doing the blatantly stupid things and have little say or choice left in much of anything.

We've lost our collective minds. At the same time we are "investing" in social security/medicare we are also funding obscene pools of capital through augmental retirement vehicles. Social Security has been demonized, or worse, de-legitimized and looted by Medicare/Medicaid. (Which was avoidable by a REAL national health care plan for ALL.)

So, to put it in a nutshell, we're funding SS for government spending at the same time we are funding the private sector investors with our 401Ks. We act surprised when both lose value; predictably, cyclically and deliberately. Not a whole lot different from Vegas. The house wins. You lose, but lots of glitz and shiny shilling to distract the marks.

You want to have a National Security discussion, but not include the dangerous INSECURITY epidemic that results from our upside down priorities? You want to concentrate the prepoderance of our efforts and resources on nightmare fantasies hyped up to replace the Evil Empire? TIME FUCKING OUT. Let's, at least, think on that before we go all in. Somewhere in that there is an, almost, admission that we are pursuing an irrational course and consider our potential dangers to be more important than our very real ones.

Are good levies in NOLA in our national security interests? Are good schools in Altgeld Gardens in our national security interests? Is a functional 21st century power grid in our national interests? Are healthy, properly nourished kids in our national security interests? Is replacing gangs and drugs with beneficial activities in our national security interests? Does repairing a crumbling infrastructure benefit our national security? Do these national security interests deserve at LEAST the same focus, resources and commitment as the Pentagon?

We are sold that propping up the fragile financial system without repairing its unsound politics, policies and practices is our only option. We believe? Despite the clear evidence and admissions that these flaws are FATAL?


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good one!


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Time Fucking Out!

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