Friday, February 26, 2010

Bundled Insecurities -OR- Got Any Lupins?

The hits just keep on coming.

The continual, disingenuous framing of the "debate" by and for heavily leveraged proxy groups to the exclusion of what are labeled radical or fringe ideas like SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE, PEACE and a SUSTAINABLE, LIVABLE PLANET leaves us without viable alternatives.

We are constantly bombarded with false choices, false statements, false policies and false premises, then we are told that it is an If:Then situation with no good options. We are painted into this corner and that's how it HAS to be.

The big lies have a cumulative effect. When perpetuated and accepted as biblical canon, they prevent alteration. The median age in America is 36.1 years. That means that for over half the population it's simply always been this way.

Please. Enough Already. Our too big to function government manipulated by our too big to fail banks and global corporations driving a too stoopid to be believed freight train wide fucking open, with no brakes and no safeties. Anything that flies, falls or explodes off into oblivion is not worth worrying about. Don't worry, be happy?
Fuck that.

We no longer have viable National Security. Nor do we even have a grasp of what national security is anymore. Instead of worrying that people we've fucked with forever can and will be looking for a little payback, we should STOP FUCKING WITH THEM. That is what is in our national security interest.

Instead of pissing on the poor and middle class concerns, we need to heed them.
Not the pasty faced, full of shit pundits or the pwned shills posing as our representatives whose allegiance is willingly compromised and whose integrity never existed. They have ignored our subtle and not so subtle attempts to bring their petty, ceaseless games back into perspective. They dismiss our efforts as only necessary to validate their parking and perpetuate their delusions of importance.

When you come right down to it, our REAL message is not much different from that heard on the streets of Kabul, Baghdad, Port Au Prince or Havana. "Leave us the FUCK alone." Get yer own shit together, then MAYBE you can lecture us on behaviors. Quit trying to HELP because you don't have a clue what the word means. If we NEED you we know where you are and vice versa, but quit crying WOLF. Quit demonizing shit and quit taking our paycheck. Let your real bosses cut your checks and provide your benefits. But most of all instead of being satisfied as long as you've elevated yourself above the muck and mire of everyday life, consider who put you into that position and do your fucking job.

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose"? Are we ready to fight for our right to A political party? What does that fight entail? Where is the battlefield?

Clowns to the left of me (metaphorically), jokers to my right? Here I am. Clinging to my better world. If you're in the way when the hammers start to fall... oh well, that's the way the mop flops.

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