Wednesday, February 3, 2010

B.A.D. Genuflection

What can I say. Fire is fascinating.
Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert certainly doesn't need a plug from me, but it's a GREAT blog.
One Bad Century
The abusive relationship between Chicago Cubs and their "fans".
Beachwood Reporter Chicago done right.
Tome of the Unknown Writer
Morning Martini

And props to: Bluegal, Drifty, Tengrain, Tex Betsy and her beach bums (Freckles Cassie, Larue, Pellora, Assorted Gnomes), Jurrasic Pork, Dr. Zauis, Darkblack, Battacchio and the rest of the Sidebar All-Stars.

There are others I wish I could blogroll and recommend, but they've apparently gone walk-about. (I prefer to think that rather than to FB or tweeter) A few have climbed aboard larger sites and insist they haven't sold-out. They seek something? Recognition? Acceptance? A Paycheck? That's dandy, but why abandon the dingy? You might want/need it again one day. A few others have been cowed into taking down their content because they were "caught" by their employer talking about their work.
Such Muzzlement is a puzzlement to me. It's not as though their concerns have been addressed. is it?

Finally, of interest to me. YMMV
The first, a kid I watched grow up:
My (cooperative) Life Without the Cats
and lastly
an ex-in-law (once removed) blogs here:

The Third City

It's a tough slog to post ORIGINAL work every day. It takes some discipline and commitment. Once a week? Once a month? Who knows?

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