Thursday, January 7, 2010

We USED to do that -OR- We Don't Do THAT Anymore

I keep waiting for reality to sink in with folks who have far more education and information than I. Time's up people. It's time to sack up and admit that most, if not all, of the money and activity devoted since 1/20/1981 has been a SCAM! Ginned up, lip-sticked pigs in pokes. Trillion$ down the drain meandered from the OURS column to THEIRS. Trillions more pooled, not to benefit the common weal, but rather as leverage for dabblers, traders and spectulators to derive benefit. The successful transformation of thinking using lies and fallacy. Security that isn't designed to secure anything. As a practical matter, fundamentally changing America, and not for the better, despite the glossy ads declaring its wonderfulness.

Life in Opposite World is no bowl of cherries. The shift in our core beliefs to targeted advantage and most importantly; CONTROL. What we do, how we view events and how we react to changes in our cages. The marginalization, splintering and dismissal of anyone or anything that dares question the questionable. "Nothing to see here. Move along. We're taking care of things. Don't worry. Be Happy."

The first impediment is the general acceptance of Opposite World paradigms. The rejection subversion of 200 years of accepted wisdom that espoused peace over war and frowned upon consolidation of power. The transformation of our watchdogs into their prison guards. That power and control were best vested and represented in our community and that our differences and diversity were our greatest strength. That we are, above all else, a UNION.

Consider the connotation of that word today and how that shift was brought about. We were in this together, then soddenly (sic)we were in it for ourselves. Distancing you and yours from them and theirs became the overarching goal. Why? Because you're better than them and they don't deserve to share in your success. You should be sharing that success with people like you. Church going, god-fearing, flag-waving, law obeying, life affirming, upwardly mobile, socially acceptable union-disliking people like you.

You may not even have noticed those people packing up their tents and moving away from YOU because they had done what you're doing now before you did. So they move and you start thinking that you should beat feet too, to be with YOUR kind.

Invasion/Succession of the upwardly niggardly. Mobility became an ideal? The rationalization of this irrational nomadism continually pointed at THEM as the motivator. Your happiness was dependent on achieving and maintaining a comfortable distance from THEM. Because THEY were out of control. Anyone who was content to SETTLE became suspect. Any investment not directly preparing for the next step up the ladder was pointless. Community involvement? Uh-uh no way. THEY're out there. Shared resources? Nosiree! Public parks and playgrounds? Hell no! Backyard compounds behind privacy fencing. Living rooms that look out on the neighborhood?
Front porches to sit and be neighborly? Nope. Media rooms and great rooms and backyard decks. 192 cable channels (half or more beaming the chaos you're trying to outrun into your psyche), water features, outdoor kitchens and spas. The GOOD LIFE!

By what measure? To what purpose? AT what COST?

You've left a void in your wake and forgotten some basic RESPONSIBILITIES of citizenship. After a solid generation of this, up is down, in is out and opposite world is the NORM. If you don't believe it, go out and try to mingle in it. You don't fit in unless you conform. You're the square peg. Instead of looking for the OFF switch, you once again look for the OFF-RAMP.

Happy motoring.

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