Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Possession by the Possessed -OR- Hubris Personified

This prolly didn't make the national news yet. There's something of a tug-o-war taking place over this statue. The piece is titled "DEFIANCE" and IL State Representative Monique Davis has taken a defiant, if somewhat deviant, position on the best place to display the work... inside her private office.

Chicago State University commissioned and OWNS the piece. In Illinois, that means elected politicians can, and do, use their clout to obtain works to showcase their good taste and arts patronage. The logic seems to be that since the state universities are heavily dependent on legislators to provide for them, the legislators are free to USE any university resource at any time for any reason. It's one of their perks.
Like the scholarships they are able to provide "deserving" students and the use of their clout to enable less than deserving students to gain admission.

State Representative versus State University? All activity underwritten by the taxpayer. Stolen slave girl? There are too many elements of the dispute that beg question. This kind of crap has been going on for Four Score and Twenty. How many more taxpayer works have been "privatized" by privileged pols? How many university generated or commissioned works have migrated into chambers, dens and foyers?

Prior to this latest clash Rep. Monique Davis last made national news ranting in the Illinois Senate Chambers against, Illinois' Atheist Nutjob Rob Sherman. Citing Lincoln and Almighty God in a shameful tirade that endeared her to her bible beating base.
That spat even landed her on Olberman's segment. Beating out Billo for

She's also been something of a bad tenant. No rent paid since 2002? $500,000 owed to the cash-strapped Chicago Public Schools?

Her district includes Burr-Oak Cemetery where graves were being sold on the side by doubling up occupancy or evicting the former reposing decomposers...

Maybe the statue's NAME more than its subject made it a must have for Moaning Moni. Symbolically adopting the umbrage of slave girl by possessing her likeness.

The root of the situation is something I learned from little league. Where certain parents rise up to take over control of the LL board to "make things better!" Then proceeding only to assure that their own kid is the all-star on the best team. Perhaps it's human nature for some?

And Lincoln wept.

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