Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Nothing Funny About a Clown After Midnight" -OR- It's Always After Midnight?

Those who remember history are doomed to live shackled to morons who don't?

So I suppose it's fitting that it's the jugglers, jesters and clowns who have taken over the bandstand. It also helps explain why the throng at the stage is devoid of thinking.

Everybody needs diversions now and then, but living a time loop of shills and prodigious prevaricators whose only purpose is diversion has to be categorized as torture on par with
the RACK or waterboarding.

I was struck by the Brian Williams/ NBC news promos running currently wherein he reminds us that at the very end of every "newscast" an attempt is made to highlight one of the umpteen million people who are not being distracted by the shills. Who, despite the distractions manage to stay on task. Who set a goal for themselves and follow through. And he points out that our Newsfotainment industry has even found a way to incorporate that into their nightly services.

FOR US. And for that we should be thankful. We should not notice that the preceeding informercial for Opposite World represents corporate policy that is not trying to be part of solutions. They decide what is and is not important for us to see and they are diligently dedicated to this awesome task.

Thank you for playing our game.

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