Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Palindrome Day -OR- 01/02/2010

Coming or going? Forward or backward? Today is a reminder that, regardless, we're basically marking time.

Drifty reminds us why.

Whatsamatta U? Knot unsnarling or NOT knot unsnarling have come to be roughly equivalent. Standing still is possible only if you're conscious of the anchors, anvils and grappling hooks being dragged through daily life aboard the U.S.S. Better Days.

It's quite the conundrum. You can ignore it effectively, but that assures that things will only continue along the course that has been carefully plotted to assure your eventual addition to the scrap heap of the "unworthy". OR you can try to appease the noisy Noras who insist that changing course is IMPOSSIBLE. Or you can adopt a survivalist approach hedging your bet that you can outrun the Langoliers.

Interesting times indeed. Given their druthers, the overwhelming throng would opt for NONE OF THE ABOVE, but sadly that's not one of our present options.

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