Friday, January 15, 2010

Are You Being Served? -OR- Put It On the TAB...

Regional School Supt. Flowers charged with theft

Another politician gets sucked into the Crook County Play-4-Dough Fun Factory.
Muddy feet propped up on the desk and sticky fingers in the cookie jar.
Now likely going to jail.

Unfortunately, he is one of a gazillion doofusses feeding at the public trough.
He just wasn't smart enough to code his takings with the proper "technically legal" ledger entry.

Case closed. Problem solved. "We fixed the glitch."

SSCORE #14, a subset of the department of redundancy department, has been a political funnel since conceived as an obscure bureaucratic boutique, tailor made for cronyism. It was a Reproblican toe-hold in Crook County until the last election, so they knew exactly where to point the fingers. Its books were a mess, their accounting system inadequate and their record keeping was way behind.

Dr. Flowers' politics didn't endear him to anyone and he stupidly assumed that his fellow Crook County dems would cover his blantant stupidity. So now he'll go to jail.

He is a patsy. A fall-guy who will be abused as the poster child; proof that our watchdogs are on the job. That oughta do it. No more corruption going on here. Move along.

An investigator read and interpreted one AUDIT out of the Alphabet Soup of big and little bureacracy boutiques. Aided by an inept and bumbling mark and a opposition supplied map of what to look for.

I'm sure the other umpteen hundreds of audits are textbook examples of sterling accuracy... If you don't believe `em. Just ask `em, Sure don't want to be wading through the maze of bookkeepers entries looking for trouble. They've been filed and timestamped for posterity. What more do you expect? Move along. Enjoy Dr. Flowers' symbolic trial and conviction. Trust US, it's all good now...

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