Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome to Hell; Here's Your Bagpipes -OR- Conscripted Citizenry

When "Love it or LEAVE it" was replaced last January you could palp the vibe. Just 11 months later it has now been effectively replaced by "Like it or Lump it" (tm) -DNC and "Up Yours"(tm)- RNC.

This would be a bitter disappointment if one had had expectations. I was lucky. I had such small hopes. Day after day, nightly recap after nightly recap, the tractability of the ongoing distractions are painfully transparent. "Nothing to see here folks, move along."

Positively Sisyphean. Mythic!

Theseus meets Minotaur in the Reagan Labyrinth

Having forgotten history once again, we are reliving past clusterfucks with the added 21st Century wrinkle of having to fight all of the carefully crafted demons in all of recorded history at the same time.

If:Then? Binary. Elemental.
This life or death struggle is neither. Despite Mr. HankyT, Dreck and Oh Really's preachifying and the countervailing Suessian mechanistics of the foiled opposition, the road goes on forever and the party never ends.

Take a week off. A month off. A decade off. Same bat time; same bat channel. Put down the crack pipe. Ain't nobody gonna be fixing shit out there. We're several LIGHT YEARS off-course. On the sub-decks and in steerage the view doesn't change.
There is only the continuum. You have your realm. Make the most of today.

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