Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tom Paxton's Short Shelf-life Songs -OR- We Can Only HOPE s-l is short!

Like sands through an hourglass shit through a goose, our screens flicker with images of vitally important people, places and things. Infotainment that's neither informative or even mildly entertaining. With more than a little UGLY on the side.

Bottom line, we're not apathetic, just not buying your news as containing anything of nutritional, spiritual or social value.

That really sucks for blogging. You don't have much choice but to comment on what's on the plate. It's mostly an unappetizing, heaping pile of warmed over vomit better just covered with Voban and swept into the dustbin before it sets off chain-reaction hurling, spewing or worse.

It seems to fascinate the brainstems who bring us the news, er...infor...err weather err... latest human replicant train wreck, they can wax poetic between commercials on any number of subjects as long as there is video footage and dueling douchebags willing to lend an air of importance to the unimportant shit being served.

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