Wednesday, December 30, 2009

There's a Kind of Hush -OR- Tick-Fugging-Tock Futher Mucker

Trust Me? Trust? ME?
All's well that never ends?

Who says our manufacturing base has been dismantled?
One segment that has prospered and flourished is the crisis creation, new-rule implementation promulgation with instant bending, and non-solution industry. Here, in Illusionois, Crook County, Proviso Township, and continuing on down the food chain of regulatory appendages, 2009 has produced a bumper crop of tweaks, kludges, finagles and activity adaptation that will further confine our rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty.

On January 1st, another slew of new laws will be added to the gauntlet that makes the prospect of getting out of bed a potential criminal activity. If it's not already impossible to do so without transgressing several chapters of the criminal code, January 1st should lock down any of the overlooked potentials.

Just say OKAY to whatever and things will be perfect. Whatever you do don't try to point out when, where or HOW things went terribly, excruciatingly, permanently wrong or explain that burying past mistakes under hundreds of new mistakes in hopes of validating the flawed, now failed, thinking behind them.

The wheel is being re-invented daily.

2010? Are you kidding me? Shit. It's still 1980. Don't talk to me about 2010.
I'm still a twenty-something DFH watching Reaganfreakinomics in 3-D Omnimax.
Still running in local little theaters coast to coast.The cast changes haven't changed the B-Reel formula scripting.There's nothing in the rear-view except hope because we're dragging everything along. We can't let it go. Because it's nothing but anchors and anvils. Don't believe it? Look who this guy saw out his side window.
(h/t Remy Schwartz)

I didn't have to go far to find the quote of the DECADE. "If you took out the windows and whatever interior improvements were made the building would be substantially equal to what was proposed. A roof is a roof albeit flat or peaked, walls are walls whether concrete or wood." MATC, Mayor doggoner extraordinaire.

Local Logic Magic
Is A Continuation of
Making shit up as we go.

In the end, aren't we all just marking time until the inevitable outcome?

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